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Everything you need to educate yourself and learn about cybersecurity – in one place.

Slack Community

Starting and scaling your cybersecurity program comes with questions, challenges, and hard decisions. Our experienced community members understand that and they’re always available to asynchronously help and answer your questions. Your community peers will also provide an extra set of eyes from their own experiences.


A monthly Zoom roundtable where you can share one cybersecurity challenge you're struggling with or something you want help thinking through and get immediate, live feedback from other CTOs, CEOs, and cybersecurity experts in the community, and vice versa. A supercharged version of our Slack group with longer, back-and-forth discussions.

Experts Q&A

Every month we bring in an expert on a specific topic/area of SaaS cybersecurity for a 1-hour long Zoom Q&A session with the members of our community. Bounce ideas off industry leaders at the top of their fields and get their direct feedback and unfiltered perspective.

Member Resources

We’ve completely open-sourced the resources that helped our cybersecurity experts implement and refine security programs for the world's best SaaS companies. Templates, audits, preferred vendors, contracts… they’re all yours and ready for you to steal.

Is the CISO Community right for you?

This group is for CTOs, CEOs, and people responsible for cybersecurity in SaaS organizations to make sure we keep high levels of discussion and standards. For reference, here’s a breakdown of our member's yearly revenue:
A good portion do over $1M in revenue, with a handful doing over $2M and up to $6M.
A solid number are between $250k - $1M
And a couple are at around $250k

Our LeadershipMentors.

Ayman Elsawah,
Fractional CISO and Founder

Ayman is the Fractional CISO and Founder of Cloud Security Labs, and advisory to B2B SaaS companies and leaders that helps create and mature security programs. He previously worked at Chainalysis Inc as an Information Security Advisor. He runs the Getting Into Infosec Podcast where he interviews experts in the field to help educate and inspire those looking to get into Information Security.

Marti Sanchez,
Community Moderator

Our community moderator leads our Roundtables and Q&A's with external experts. His job is to make sure all members get the most value out of our community as possible.

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Everything you need to implement your cybersec program.

Get timely answers to unGoogleable questions

There are challenges and questions about implementing a cybersecurity program that you can’t just find the answer to online. In a combination of synchronous and asynchronous messaging, our Community Mentors and outside experts will share their experiences, thoughts, and perspective with you to help with anything you need.

Grow a real and high-level network

We don’t network to pile up business cards. We build real, personal relationships with other founders, CTOs, and other cybersecurity experts on the same path as us. Our members meet in person when possible, do business together, send referrals back and forth, and actually support one another.

Get access to your own Cybersecurity Board of Advisors

With our community mentors available 24/7 for Slack Q&A and the monthly external guests we bring in, you’ll get direct access to experienced individuals in the cybersecurity world. And they’re there for you -- to hear you out, give you feedback, answer your questions, and present new perspectives.

Educate yourself on Cybersecurity and protect your company

Cybersecurity is often a neglected, or worse, forgotten area of running a SaaS company, but it is crucial to make sure that you're safeguarded for the future. We give you everything you need to support you: a community of peers and Mentors ready to help, monthly Roundtables, monthly Q&As with external experts, and valuable member resources.

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