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Why wouldn't I just hire a Full Time CISO?

Virtual CISOs from Cloud Security Labs provide key services that a full-time CISO would deliver, but at a fraction of the cost. With a vCISO, you are also getting access to a team comprised of experienced experts. While hiring a full-time CISO can be the right fit for a large organization, we know that startups need highly flexible and customized services tailored to their needs at a moment's notice. vCISOs are a great way to get a quick return on investment in raising your security maturity.

Why can't my CTO just do it?

Information Security extends past just technology and engineering. Just some examples to start thinking about are risk management, people, and compliance. Your CTO needs to focus on leading their engineering team to the best of their ability. While considering the Risk and Compliance side is an important aspect of their role, there is a point where it can distract them from excelling at their job. Delegate that to an expert so your CTO can get back to doing what they are awesome at.

How do I know I even need a vCISO?

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