Find the Information Security “unknown unknowns” in the way of a robust security posture

We created TERA to help organizations get started quickly with security and have the full picture right from the beginning.

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Today, many organizations may be SOC2 and/or ISO compliant, but still have many gaps in their overall information security program. Leaders are unsure whether they are at increased risk of a breach or Insider Threat. Even though they may be compliant, or even have security staff in-house, 1 in 2 leaders are simply unsure about their overall security posture.

Our TERA, Technical Enterprise Risk Assessment, provides the highest fidelity, with a holistic approach, into your organization’s Information Security Posture. Our technical CISO’s conduct deep 1:1 interviews with leaders and SME’s in your organization using Emotional Intelligence and Empathy to uncover gaps in processes and technical controls that could be putting your organization at risk. Our cybersecurity sleuths are great at uncovering risks and turning employees into security allies.

Each gap or risk identified is written in excellent plain English language detail catered for non-security leaders. Additionally, each item is risk rated particular to your organization’s risk profile as not all security gaps are created equal.

Additionally, with every security gap found we provide you with extensive remediation summaries and references that will help your team implement fixes in their environment. You have the ability to export the findings as CSV to import into your project management tool, or utilize our vCISO platform integrations into Asana, Jira, or your favorite tool. We also include a month of security support via Slack with every assessment to provide direct question to engineers and project managers when implementing changes.

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